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Cost Reduction
Virtual & Real Testing
Bill of Materials
Reverse Engineering
Revolutionary scanning technique

ED USA, Corp. uses a specially developed measuring and projection technology from GOM.
Using this brand new technology the ATOS Triple Scan produces a high accuracy and improved measurement of shiny surface, complete data on complex components with deep pockets or fine edges such as turbine blades, reducing the number of individual scans and resulting in a simple handling.

Blue Light Technology

Our Scan Tooling is also equipped with blue light technology. The narrowband blue light enables precise measurements to be carried out independently of environmental lighting conditions.
  ED USA, Corp.
High Resolution 3D Scanner from small to large

Our Scan Tooling uses high resolution measuring cameras and specially developed optics for precise measurement.
The accuracy, measurement resolution and measuring area are completely adaptable to the application requirements. This allows for the highest resolution for highly detailed, small parts with measuring volumes down to 38mm, or for extremely fast digitizing of large objects with measuring volumes up to 2m.
This flexibility allows measurement of a large part spectrum with the same sensor head, and when used in combination with other Scan Tooling.
We are capable of scanning parts of over 30m with a high local resolution.
  ED USA, Corp.
Industrial advantages for industrial processes
ED USA, Corp.   Application areas including:

Quality Control

Reverse Engineering

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Milling

Digital Mock-Up
The Scan Tooling sensor combines high data quality in short measurement time with flexibility and stability for industrial environments.
Universal process safety

Our Scan Tooling is established in industrial process chains. The integration of Scan Tooling in industrial development and production processes helps:
Reduce production start-up times
Optimize component quality
Speed up the time to production
Maintain high level of quality assurance throughout the entire manufacturing process
Establish early trend analysis within series production processes
Reduce rejects and rework, thus saving valuable time and money
Automated quality control; improving overall quality assurance, requiring fewer personnel and considerably increasing performance.
  ED USA, Corp.
ED USA, Corp.   The ultimate combination of optical and tactile measurement

The Touch Probe combines full-field and touch probe 3D measurement. The Touch Probe allows quick measurement in difficult to access areas, comparison directly to CAD, measurement of primitives, quick measurement of individual points and online alignment.
Scan Tooling and Touch Probe measurements are carried out with one system and are evaluated with one software package. No extra hardware or tracker is required, enabling quick measurement procedures and easy interchange between surface and single point measurement and analysis.
Integrated, traceable measurement and inspection software

We develop activities with complex 3D software. The powerful, process safe, traceable Scan Tooling and 3D software controls the sensor head, processes the 3D point cloud and can edit and completely post-process the data. Through a simple graphical user interface, the Scan Tooling and 3D software supports today's tasks in quality control, manufacturing processes and reverse engineering.
  ED USA, Corp.
  Technical Data
Camera Pixels   2 x 8 000 000
Measuring Area   38 x 29 - 2000 x 1500 mm²
Point Spacing   0.01 - 0.61 mm
Working Distance   490 - 2000 mm
Sensor Controller   integrated
Cable Length   up to 30m
Sensor Positioning   industrial sensor stand, automatic per Robot
Part Positioning   manual or automatic rotation table
Image Processing Compueter   portable or High-End PC
Operating System   Windows 7
Software   data capture, processing and complete inspection
Material & part finish   measurement of shiny and dark surfaces & complex component geometries
Ambient lighting   low sensitivity to environment lighting conditions
Environmental vibrations   unaffected due to GOMs dynamic referencing system
>Operating Temperature   5 - 40°C, non condensing
Power Supply   90 - 230 V AV
ED USA, Corp. ED USA, Corp.
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